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“As a member of BCA, you agree not to publicize this membership nor use the BCA logo on any advertisement, publication and/or web site to promote your breeding program until you have been approved by the Division Board of Governors for listing in the Breeder Referral Directory”.

If you wish to be on the Breeder Referral list, the application can be downloaded from the BCA website. [Breeder Referral (Application)].


You may have arrived here through a link from another site. Although many people link to our organization, it is not always with the permission of BCA. Some link with us in an effort to imply an association with the Bulldog Club of America, even though they are not members. We regretfully cannot endorse them or their breeding practices. If you are interested in Breeder referral please use the link on our site, or contact local breed clubs in your area.


Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and perpetuation of these remarkable companions. For the last 100 years, generations of breeders in the United States have sacrificed their time and energy to preserve and improve this uniquely lovable animal.

It is our goal to continue this legacy by providing as much information and education as possible to ensure that purebred Bulldogs and their owners will always be held in the highest esteem by all who encounter them.

The Education Committee, Bulldog Club of America

The BCA was established in 1890 and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York on February 29, 1904. The purposes for which the club was formed were well stated by the framers of its constitution. Specifically:

  • To maintain a standard of excellence for the guidance of breeders, owners and judges.
  • To improve the breed through encouragement of effort directed toward approach to, or attainment of, the degree of excellence set forth in the standard of the bulldog breed.
  • To stimulate interest in competitive public showings of bulldogs.
  • To further the interests of the Breed.
  • To work for the general good of breeders, owners and exhibitors of bulldogs.

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The Bulldog Club of America is an official breed club recognized by The American Kennel Club.
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